Dictionary of terms specific to the subject of the site

Clarification of terms specific to the subject of the site.

200 Hz

Screen unfolding frequency used in the latest developments of leading TV manufacturers. (see IFA-2008. Chapter 2. In the World of TVs).

480Hz Sub-field Drive

Development that allows you to maintain high image quality when playing dynamic scenes. Used in VIERA (Panasonic) plasma panels.


The system for cleaning the steam coming out of the oven during cooking is used in Miele ovens.


Air cleaning system from dust, used in Hoover Xarion bagless vacuum cleaners.

Allergy Care Plus

Antiallergenic protection complex, used in Hoover Xarion vacuum cleaners.


The method of cleaning the oven with hot steam is used in Gorenje oven models.

Auto Calc Clean

Integrated descaling system (used in Philips steam generators). The Auto Calc Clean function is activated automatically when you need to clean the system and descales your iron within two minutes.


This is the name of the freshness zone in BEKO fridges.


A special coating designed by Miele for the most popular color of built-in appliances – stainless steel. Thanks to it, no more fingerprints are left on steel surfaces.


Automatic quality control system (used in Beko coffee machines). With the BKK 2113 and BKK 2113 M models, the CookSense system automatically switches off the Turkish heating when the foam reaches a certain level. This ensures that real Turkish coffee is brewed.

CoolSelect Zone

CoolSelect Zone technology allows you to select the operation mode of the special compartment of the refrigerator, setting the desired temperature. It is used in Samsung Electronics models. CoolSelect Zone operation mode can be selected on the touch control panel: rapid cooling, defrosting, soft freezing, keeping fresh or cooling.

Crystal Clean

Easy to clean the coating of the interior walls of TEKA ovens.

Direct Drive

The direct-drive technology of the washing machine drum used by LG Electronics. The company’s designers proposed to abandon the belt by combining the drum and motor into a single unit. Now the motor is directly attached to the drum shaft, which makes the system dynamically balanced. The resulting design was called Direct Drive. As you know, the smaller the parts, the less likely it is to break down and wear out. Now almost the entire LG range is equipped with such technology, which the company experts consider already basic. In a conventional system, rotation is transmitted through the pulley and belt, which causes unpleasant noise and energy loss due to friction, belt abrasion and the need for belt replacement, as well as certain vibration. The system with direct drum drive from LG consists in the fact that rotation is transmitted directly to the drum, which creates a minimum of vibration and noise, optimal energy consumption, powerful and reliable motor.

Even Defrost

Uniform defrosting function. Unlike conventional microwave ovens that only use microwave radiation when defrosting, the LG DuoChef uses a double convection system that keeps the temperature optimal throughout the process. Thanks to the Even Defrost function, the LG DuoChef will not create burned or baked areas during defrosting.

Flat & Round

A technology in which the microwave oven has a flat ceramic surface (underneath which there is a rotating magnetron emitter) and a rounded rear wall instead of the usual turntable. This technology noticeably increases the microwave capacity. The technology is proposed by LG Electronics.

Flavour Booster

Scent enhancement” function, used in Philips steamers. Its essence: steam, passing through a special compartment with seasonings and spices, enriches prepared dishes with a refined flavor.

Frost Free

Advanced cooling system (used in Hotpoint-Ariston fridges), which optimizes air circulation in the fridge and freezer compartment, preventing the accumulation of ice cover, while keeping food fresh.

GROHE SilkMove

A technology in which the high-quality details of the ceramic head ensure precise adjustment and maximum mixing performance. Used by GROHE.

GROHE Starlight

The technology to keep the chrome coating shiny throughout the life of the mixer is offered by GROHE.


Dishwasher-intensive zone in Bosch ActiveWater dishwashers. The IntensiveZone allows you to wash highly contaminated pots and pans in the lower basket and less contaminated dishes that require delicate care in the upper basket. This is made possible by the technology that ensures that water is supplied to the lower basket at a higher pressure and temperature than the upper basket, and by additional washing cycles only in the lower basket.